You've had the excitement of the proposal and now it's time to start planning, right? But where do you start?

Obviously your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest day of your life. But anyone who's done it (including myself!) will tell you it's not always filled with bridesmaid proposal parties, wedding fair fun, dress shopping and champagne popping! For some couples it can be a little over whelming and amongst trying to keep friends and family happy- you lose track of what really matters- celebrating your love!

I wish someone had given me the heads up on ways I could have avoided any undue stress so here are go.


1. Start with a clear budget:

You'd think this would be obvious but I can honestly tell you- I for one, did not do this for our wedding!..oopsy. We managed- but it took us a year or so to recover 😂

I suggest a sit down with your partner to determine your budget. Make a night of it. Order your favourite takeaway and get comfy for an evening of working out how much you can afford to spend. This will help you make smart decisions throughout the planning process. There will be times, I'm sure, that you'll find yourselves looking to stretch the budget further but making a clear budget to begin with, will limit any financial anxieties that might arise ahead of your wedding.

2. Prioritize your must-haves:

Make a list of your must-haves and consider what is important to you and what is not. Do you want to hire a videographer? Do you want to have pre wedding rehearsal dinner the night before? DJ Disco or live band? It can help to categorize them so you know which elements you’re willing to spend more on.

3. Take your time:

Rushing through wedding planning only adds stress. Give yourself plenty of time and start planning as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to start planning a year in advance. That said- the little details can be planned much closer to your date...I may have spent an evening of tieing little pink ribbons on all our wedding favours 2 days before our wedding, along with making our table plan! Probably to the horror of my wedding coordinator😂 Which brings me to my next point...

4. Hire a wedding planner:

Most of the time your venue will have a dedicated wedding coordinator who will be your point of contact in the run up to your wedding and also be there with you on the day. They have expertise in the industry and often have established vendor relationships who can help make recommendations. They are so invaluable so if you have any questions or worries, reach out to them. They are there to help! If you don't have one, you can hire a wedding planner who will take the majority of the planning off your shoulders. Failing that- enlist the help of a sibling, parent or enthusiastic close friend!

5. Get organized:

My favourite part. Create a wedding binder, folder or online directory to help keep track of your vendors, contracts, and to-do lists. If you're creative like me, you'll love finding pretty stationary for this and putting together a Pinterest mood board. Keep a checklist, set reminders, and take advantage of wedding planning apps such as Bridebook.

6. Delegate tasks to your bridal party/Groomsmen:

Your wedding party is there to help. Enlist the help of your maid of honour, best man, best woman or man of honour. This is an excellent way to divide up tasks such as bridal hair/make-up research, booking dress or kilt shopping appointments, table names, and more.

7. Choose your vendors wisely:

Make sure you hire vendors that come highly recommended or you feel you trust, and connect with.

This one is so important to me especially as a Wedding Photographer. It's not just about whether you like my photos and style, it's about if you like me as a person, trust in my ability and generally enjoy talking to, as I will be there with you for most of your day. This is why I always have a zoom meeting before taking a wedding booking. It's not only lovely for me to "meet" you both but it's important you get "good vibes" and feel excited about booking me as your photographer. 🥰

8. Consider Hypotheticals:

Not to be a negative nelly here but dare I say it- run through some scenarios that are worrying you with your planner or partner to ensure you have a backup plan in case anything goes a little sideways on your big day. I'm not talking anything major! Just things such as if you're having your ceremony outdoors and it's forecast to rain, how long do you have to make the decision to move things indoors?

9. Take care of yourself:

It’s important to take breaks throughout the planning process to refresh and replenish your energy levels. I am sure you'll have lots of really fun celebratory days and nights out with your wedding party and soon to be spouse but don't forget to take some downtime to chill! Practice some self-care days such as going for a relaxing massage, breathing exercises, learning meditation, or taking some yoga classes to help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

10. Have fun on your big day!

Remember that this is your day – don’t let the little things get in the way. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and celebrate your love in style.

Planning a wedding can be a challenge, but by using these tips you can make the process much easier. Remember to prioritize, plan wisely, and keep the most important thing, celebrating your love for each other, in focus.